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And They'd Never Been Bronzers...

I was skimming a thread at message board today, and came across this conversation:

[blah blah blah stuff I was ignoring someone posts something containing the word "electrickery"]

Poster A: [finds the word "electrickery" delightful]

Poster B: Hee. It takes me back to watching Catweazel as a kid.

Poster C: Oh, god. Electrickery, and there was something like tellybone--was that Jon Pertwee?

Poster B: No, Pertwee was the similarly-decrepit Worzel Gummidge. Imdb gives Geoffrey Bayldon as the actor playing Catweazle. And apparently he also appeared on Worzel Gummidge, not to mention Doctor Who and the Creature from the Pit as a slightly cracked astrologer.

ETA: that's right, I think he called it the telling bone. Made sense in its own way.

Poster D: Catweazle is out on DVD, Region 2 at least.

Poster B: That just seems wrong somehow.


But the funniest part of all is that none of those people were you people.

Or were they?..
baseball ball in grass

The Mentally Diverse, a Memoir

Unbidden, my mind returns to our earliest interactions. Long before the conception of our forum: mentallydiverse, I had experienced an irresistibly compulsive mania--calling it a cacoethes would be no overstatement--to immerse myself in the aetiology (or etiology as I would have spelled it before I discovered this tribe) of this sui generis society. I needed to know the origin of this unique, loosely knit community. Whether my investigation focused on the nomological--which general physical and logical laws influenced their formation--or the ontological--whether some metaphysical force was behind their very existence--I knew one thing for certain, I must always guard against my tendency to ignore all semeiological evidence. The Mentally Diverse were peculiarly adept at the seamless incorporation of signs and signals, into their everyday communication.

Catering Ninja and bronchial, holographic Amish boys never lie.

*cough* *cough* *cough*

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